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We were determined to create a gym experience that instilled confidence in our members through education, community and by having fun.  So far, we have succeeded!

Catalyst Waterfront is the opposite experience of most gyms.  First off, we have memberships that include personal training and programming.  No more going to the gym, aimlessly walking around, doing the occasional bicep curl and wishing you had the results you wanted.  Without proper form you will never accomplish any fitness goal, inevitably injure yourself, and become disheartened with the gym experience.

Our number one goal as a facility is to educate our members, and it is for that reason that we have created the all inclusive membership structure we have:

The Lifestyle Membership includes unlimited gym access, towel service and three classes to round out an optimal lifestyle; Stretch & Mobility, Strength and Technique class.  

The Adventure Membership includes all the essentials in the Lifestyle Membership but also grants access to our Spin program, Yoga Classes and Cardio Combat classes.  To learn more about the classes click here.  

Lastly, in order to focus on our community and the relationships we build with our clientele we have a limited membership availability. 



(778) 433-3346



115-2940 Jutland Rd, Victoria BC, V8T2K1


M–Th 6a–8p
F– 6a–6p
Sa- 9a-2p   Sun- Closed                                                                   

Ranked among the 11 Best Luxury Fitness Clubs in Canada

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